Easter Revision


Easter is important for any number of reasons: for family, for reflection, and for taking a well-earned break after the rigours of the spring term. Yet Easter is also vitally important for another reason. It marks the start of ‘revision season’.

Yes, the nights are growing longer, the weather is getting better, and summer is coming, but all this also means that books are being opened, and that exams are looming.

From now on, the weeks and days are being counted down until the GCSE, AS, and A2 exam schedules kick off. Teachers are planning to finish their courses, and pupils are preparing themselves for study leave.

It may only be March, but – yes – it is already time to start thinking about revision. In fact, it’s the best possible time to start. Why so?

Well, for one thing, by starting early you can plan ahead; you can create a revision timetable that will give structure to your studying and that will help you to feel that you are making progress.

For another, you can revisit what you studied in September and October, refreshing your memory before you forget anything vital. This also can help to boost your performance in the ‘synoptic’ modules that are often studied last.

Furthermore, by starting now, you can ‘break the back’ of what can often seem like an insurmountable workload. Which sounds better? Sitting down in May to ten lever-arch files of notes, or just five? You know the answer…

Finally, by cracking on with revision, it gives you a chance to cover all the material more than once, and it only stands to reason that something learned twice is learned better.

Of course, we know that nobody ever wants to start revising, but – remember – no work is wasted, so what’s the excuse for not starting now?

There isn’t one. That’s why, from Wandsworth to Wimbledon, from Clapham to Chelsea, and from Balham to Brentford, pupils are getting their heads down and ploughing ahead with revision for their upcoming exams.

At Grove Tutors, we understand the importance of the early start, and of solving the problems presented by revision. We know how to motivate our pupils to get into gear, to help them structure their learning, and to keep them concentrated on their vital work.

Whether it’s in English and Maths, Chemistry and Biology, or History and Geography, Grove Tutors has trained experts who have not only been through multiple ‘revision seasons’ as students, but as tutors too.

The tricks of the trade, powers of concentration, and memorable revision techniques are second nature to our tutors, and they’re here to pass on that knowledge.

We also cover all major exam boards, so whether you are studying for qualifications awarded by AQA, OCR, or Edexcel, our tutors have the nous and experience required to meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Somebody once said that genius was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, so the work you put in now will always get you the results you deserve.

To learn more about how Grove Tutors can help you along on that journey, please get in touch via our contact page.