Home Schooling

Grove Tutors is well placed to arrange home schooling for students in the UK and abroad. We can either arrange hourly tuition or introduce full-time residential tutors with you. Grove Tutors will work with you to create a timetable, oversee tuition and follow up on a regular basis to ensure that your tuition is a success.

We have seen students achieve excellent results through homeschooling. In some cases, students are able to advance through the curriculum at a quicker pace than usual and sit exams early. For students who have opted for homeschooling as a result of negative experiences at school, our tutors can acts as mentors, so that they are able to return to mainstream education in the future.

Residential Tutors

Some of our tutors have been employed as residential tutors and travelled around the world. In addition to providing tuition, these tutors have been responsible for looking after students outside of lessons and providing extracurricular activities. In the event that your family travels on a regular basis, a residential tutor may be the perfect solution to ensure consistency and flexibility for your child’s education.

To discuss your enquiry, please call us on 0208 123 9050 or submit our Contact Form.