Science Tuition

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known".

Carl Sagan

At Grove Tutors, we have a range of Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutors who specialise in primary level, 13+, KS3, GCSE and A-Level. Whether your son or daughter is looking to improve a specific aspect of Biology, Chemistry or Physics, develop confidence or prepare for an exam, we can help.

Primary Science
Along with English and Maths, Science is the one of the core subjects at primary level. Science tuition at primary level encourages curiosity about the world and provides opportunities for children to discover and explore from a young age. A positive experience at primary school is key to encouraging study at secondary level.

11+ and 13+ Entrance Exams
Science is a compulsory subject at 13+, so it is important that students can demonstrate a good grounding in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Whether your child requires help with plants for Biology, materials for Chemistry or forces for Physics, our tutors can fill in the gaps and help your child prepare for the exam.

For entrance to independent schools, we recommend resources from Galore Park for targeted exam practice.

KS3 Science

During Years 7, 8 and 9, students are required to develop their scientific thinking, improve their practical enquiry skills and start to analyse and evaluate different evidence. Our Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutors help students to develop their scientific knowledge and abilities, with the aim of making Science easier to understand and enjoy.

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Whether your child is doing Double Science or Triple Science, our GCSE Science tutors can assist with course material and exam preparation. Year 10 and Year 11 are important years and it can be difficult for students to stay ahead in all subjects. Our GCSE tutors understand the pressure of preparing for GCSE exams and are well placed to support students during this crucial time.

A-Level Biology
A good grade in A-Level Biology can open the door to some of the most interesting degree courses and careers such as biotechnology, forensic science and medicine. A-Level Biology covers a broad range of theories and principles including transport, genes and health, development, plants and the environment, research skills and investigative skills. Our private tutors are used to working with A-Level Biology students and helping them to improve subject knowledge and exam readiness.

A-Level Chemistry

Like many subjects, A-Level Chemistry can feel like a big jump up from GCSE Chemistry. Competence in physical Chemistry, inorganic Chemistry, organic Chemistry and practical skills is essential for a good result. Considered one of the most difficult subjects at A-Level, Chemistry is required for career paths such as medicine, pharmacy and optometry.

A-Level Physics

A-Level Physics typically consists of six modules and will cover subjects such as quantum theory, mechanics, kinetics, electricity and elastic solids. Our Physics tutors will help you to recognise, recall and show understanding of terminology, principles, concepts and practical ability. Possible career options with A-Level Physics include climatologist, geophysicist and endless engineering possibilities, such as flight, design, mining and aeronautical.

Our A-Level tutors are familiar with the requirements of the different exam boards AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC.

What are the benefits of working with a Science tutor?

  • A Science tutor will tailor tuition to the individual’s ability and make sure that tuition is provided at the right pace for the student.
  • A Science tutor can make sure that lessons are both engaging and enjoyable. A Science tutor can help to unlock the difficulties of Science and encourage a love of this subject.
  • A Science tutor can develop a student’s confidence one step at a time to improve confidence and self-esteem. This process can have a knock-on effect for other subjects and overall performance at school.
  • A pass in GCSE Science is a requirement for many further education and job applications in the future.
  • Private tuition complements the curriculum and provides a different perspective. This allows the student time to explore ideas and themes to a deeper level.
  • Revision methods and study skills are a key part of private tuition especially for GCSE Science and A-Level Science.

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